1001 ideas para encuentros en Eberron

14 09 2010

40. Entering the mournland equiped with a pair of goggles that can see the souls of the dead the players quickly realize that in death, the spirits still live and are still fighting the last war, however they are not fighting against themselves but rather strange demons, after speaking to a few of the dead soldiers you realize that it is a fight to survive in order to be raised from the dead. can the heroes help end the game or will they be called to play it as the demons begin attacking them as well.

(via http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/22094841/1001_Eberron_Encounter_Ideas_%28both_combat_and_non-combat%29?pg=1 )


Roleando en el DCU

4 09 2010

Estuve leyendo el DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook, (aka. M&M 3ed) me gustó y escribí esto al respecto

4 09 2010

El día que el rol y el materialismo dialéctico se encontraron