3 03 2010
“Really, my goal was to structure the system in such a way that the type of thing you’re talking about occurred largely as an emergent property. I think if you do what the system tells you to do, you end up with stories that share properties I like about the books. And if you don’t, I think you still end up with something you’ll find engaging that has the appropriate color to it. I think advice can only take you so far in this regard — everyone’s perception of a property or franchise is different, and they lock on to different aspects (pardon the pun) of it. You can’t really pin down the definitive experience. What you can do is structure the mechanics to encourage the kind of output you want, and trust that people’s individual tastes will fill in whatever blanks remain.”

Excelente entrevista en dos partes  a Fred Hicks, Ryan Macklin y Leonard Balsera el equipo de diseño de Dreden Files RPG, juego de fantasía urbana de inminente salida, que usa el sistema FATE.

Parte 1Parte 2